Magnolia’s Serendipity Quilt


Aloha y’all. Welcome to my very first Linky party. My spell check keeps changing that to “kinky” party, but I’m just not that kind of girl so if that’s what you’re looking for, move along. If you want to talk quilts, you’re in the right place.

I pride myself on being humble. (I KNOW that’s an oxymoron. Just shut up and keep reading, k!) 🙂

Let me say that again… I pride myself on being humble. For real, I have a hard time extolling my own virtues. But sometimes – and it’s usually quilting related – I just can’t lie to myself or to you, and I have to shout, “DAMN I’m good.” The story of this quilt is one of those times, and it was never supposed to happen…

First, there was the class I didn’t want to take. I am on the board of my local quilt guild and we had the amazing Krista Moser coming to town to teach three classes for us. I wanted to take her Woven Jewelbox class but most of my friends were taking Semaphore Stripes. I gave in to peer pressure and took both, and I’m so glad I did.

Second, there was the fabric I wasn’t supposed to have. Since I over-extended my budget by taking two classes, I vowed to use only fabric from my stash. I needed stripes and there wasn’t much to choose from, but I did have one thing. It was part of a fabric line I bought 23 years ago to make my daughter’s crib set. (I would call that “vintage,” wouldn’t you?) Sadly and happily, I never made that bedding so the striped fabric was just sitting there, waiting to be used in THIS quilt. I started with that and pulled whatever I had that matched. I grabbed 30-year-old fabric, brand-new stuff and from every era in between.

I was supposed to have two stripes but I only had one. Still, I was fairly pleased with my fabric pull. Then I got to class and my friend asked my advice in choosing between a couple of stripes she had brought. One totally worked for her and the other didn’t – but… People… it matched my fabric selection like it was made specifically to be there. I couldn’t have done as well if I had gone into a store and bought a complete line of fabric. She offered it to me, and it made my quilt sing. Thank you, Leslie!

Third, so many things. This pattern is not my usual style. It’s not rooted in tradition, I can’t cut it with my Accuquilt, and I didn’t pull a single fabric from my scrap buckets AND, it’s got Y-seams. Y-frickin’-seams, People. In short, I would never have made it if I hadn’t moved outside my comfort zone and took that class.

I don’t know about you, but every time I look at this quilt, I say, “Wow!” It’s just so vivid, so bold, so modern – you wouldn’t think you could get this look from a bunch of vintage fabrics, would you?

And to bring this story full circle, I’m giving it to my daughter Magnolia for her 23rd birthday. She never got that crib set I planned, but this quilt will serve her better and for longer than a crib quilt ever would have.

I sent her a picture today and she loves it. She said triangles are her favorite shape. I didn’t know that but, like everything about this quilt, it’s serendipity!

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    • amy

      Thank you! I’m glad it all came out so good. I’ll admit I might have said a few bad words but thank goodness I finally figured out those Y-seams. Haha.

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