I Need KISS-ing Lessons!

I never did internalize that old KISS concept - you know, ‘keep it simple, Stupid.” For whatever reason, I tend to design quilts with small pieces that take some time to complete. It’s not that my patterns are difficult, but they are not the kind you finish in a day. Being a predominantly scrappy quilter, I guess I just like that look. I want to use ALL the fabric and to do that, I need to use smaller pieces. The great Freddy Moran said, “When it comes to fabric, more is better and excess is never enough.” 

Amen, Freddy. Amen.

The problem is this. My fabric stash has reached horrifying status. When I buy a new piece I feel mostly giddy but a little nauseous too. Do you ever feel that way in a fabric store? My yardage shelves are full, my pre-cuts cabinet is overflowing, my scrap baskets are bursting at the seams. I am out of control and my studio is a mess and I need a new plan. I need to use a LOT of fabric, as quickly as possible.

A recent trip to Missouri sort of brought this situation to a head. You KNOW what’s in Missouri, don’t you? YES, Missouri Star Quilt Company. No quilter in her right mind would come that close to Quilt Town, USA, and NOT add to her stash. I am definitely of sound mind. Mostly…

First of all, let me say, “I regret nothing!” It was an amazing day. I am so impressed with what the Doan family has built there. The murals are gorgeous. The fabric shops are incredible. The experience is bucket-list worthy for sure. And the quilt museum is not to be missed.


Did I need 20 yards of new fabric? No, I surely did not, BUT… (I love that word!) It was Missouri Star Quilt Company, for crying out loud. It’s not every day a quilter gets to visit that hallowed ground, so really, I HAD to buy some stuff, right?!?

Anyway, as I mentioned above, I need a new plan to sew through a massive amount of fabric and guess what… I have one.


I am going to sew a quilt top a day for the entire month of May.

Just kidding. I can’t do that. 

But, I am going to try really hard to sew 20 quilt tops for the month. I am going to use big pieces and patterns that can be completed in a day or a weekend. Quilts like this one, which I made using the 3-Hour Baby Gingham Quilt tutorial from the Fat-Quarter Shop. I’ve made it twice so I know I can do it quickly. 

At the end of the month, will I have 20 completed quilt tops? I don’t know, but you know what I will definitely have? A ton of new scraps, and that makes me super happy.

I'll keep you updated as May moves along, and if you have any suggestions for Make-in-a-Day quilts, by all means, let me know.