Sayonara 2021...

Ah, that transitional week between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s a time of reflection and expectancy unlike any other time of the year. I try never to make any major plans for that week because I want to savor every thought, every reflection, every dream for the future.

Yesterday, as I thought about what I had accomplished quilting-wise in 2021, I was a little shocked to realize I had only fully completed 4 quilts. FOUR! That’s a single-digit number, y’all. What happened? It’s all a blur, but as I scroll through my pictures I see that I did finish a number of small projects. Also I…

  • Took a few vacations
  • Got some kittens
  • Gave my website a complete overhaul and really nailed down some business goals

In short, life happened.

As for the four quilts…

Blue Jean Dreamin’

This is a king-sized string-pieced beast that I love and adore. It lives on my bed. It is wildly scrappy and because it is foundation pieced, it kind of feels like a weighted blanket. It was so big and heavy that I decided to send it out to a professional long-armer, who did a wonderful job on it.

The Violet Quilt

Violet is a gorgeous pattern by Erica @kitchentablequilting. I participated in her sew-along and it was the first - and so far, only - quilt I’ve completed at my local long-arm studio using quilting software. I can’t take much credit for the quilting. I mostly just watched the machine work but I am thrilled with the results and I want to do more of this in 2022.

The House That Scrappy Built, The Aloha Version

This was my fourth iteration of The House That Scrappy Built and I will ALWAYS enjoy sewing this pattern. It’s quick and easy and so much fun. This time I made a baby quilt, incorporating some orphan blocks I acquired when I lived in Hawaii. I machine-quilted it on my domestic machine. I forced myself to donate it to a good cause but I can’t lie…I was sad to see it go. The pattern is available on my website.

Mr. Juicy

Ah, Mr. Juicy, you magnificent pineapple. This is another pattern that’s available on my website. Mr. Juicy sort of took on a life of his own as I sewed, and now I can’t help thinking of him as a living, breathing being. For a Halloween quilt, he’s superbly colorful and fun. I machine-quilted him using straight lines on my domestic machine.

Other Finishes for the Year...

Beach bags

I made a couple of these cute bags, mostly because I wanted to try out my new KamSnaps machine. I was not disappointed. 

Scraptabulous Wine Tote

This is another project I completed using my KamSnaps. It is quick, easy, and oh-so-useful. Pattern available on my website.

Scrappy Storage Tote

So cute! My goal is to make one in every color to use as scrap storage. Another great project for the KamSnaps machine.

Scrappy Cup Cozy

I made dozens of these. They are so, so easy and adorable and the pattern is available for FREE on my website.

What I Regret...

Obviously, I wish I had finished more quilts, especially from my UFO pile. 2022 goals!

I did not use my Q’Nique mid-arm quilting machine even once. I have major guilt concerning this. I spent SO much $$ on it and I use it as a fabric holder mostly. Frankly, trying to operate it is a major exercise in frustration. I just cannot figure out the tension on the damn thing. Making it work is high on my list of things to accomplish next year.

I bought too much fabric. Why do I do that? I will NEVER sew all of it, especially considering the fact I sew mostly scrappy quilts.

Well, that’s it folks. 2021 is a wrap. For the next couple of days I’m going to set goals and make plans for 2022. I’m starting to get excited!!! How about you? Are you a planner?

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