The Unknown Quilter - A Story About a Vintage Quilt

Isn’t it marvelous! A dear friend gave me this quilt. I don’t know a lot about it except it was made by a lady living in a nursing home who wanted to earn some extra money. Man, she worked for that cash! She pieced and quilted this all by hand. 

I feel a real kinship with this unknown woman. Her creation is colorful, scrappy, joyful. Just the kind of quilt I love to make. 

I see other similarities. For instance, I noticed this patch of fabric immediately. I have scraps of the same fabric in my stash. 

Next, I observed that many of the pieces are…well… pieced. Just as I sometimes will sew together two small bits of fabric to make one larger piece, so did she. 

She also sewed with wild abandon, not overly concerned if she ran out of a certain fabric while making her blocks. She substituted something similar and moved on. Just as I do.


I wish I could have a conversation with The Unknown Quilter. I feel certain we would be friends. Since that is not possible, I will give her quilt a place of honor in my home. Every time I gaze upon it, I will think of my cherished friend as well as the maker. 

I am blessed!