What I Stole This Week

As promised, I have a Goodwill Haul for you today. I didn't find a ton of sewing items this week but I DID find some interesting things for such an extraordinary price, I feel like I stole it. First up, the fabric...

 I got about 3 yards of the dark grey with pink and white flowers. Yardage is always in style and this one is lovely. The red with white polka dots is only a small scrap but I will definitely use it. I was thinking outside the box when I picked up the batik. It's actually a napkin but it IS 100% cotton so it will work perfectly in a quilt. These three items were less than $5 total.

Next up is this interesting cross-stitch piece. Doesn't it remind you of a tapestry? I don't know what I will do with it exactly but I will upcyle it into something fabulous, thus extending its lovely life. Cost was less than $1.


You know it's a fake, I know it's a fake, plus the zipper pull is missing but I don't care. It was about $1.50 and I'm going to make a super-cute notebook cover from it and pretend I'm somebody.

That's it for this week's thrift haul. I have to leave you now and go sew something. Are you a quilter who also loves treasure hunting? Tell me all about it. What's been your best find to date?